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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Time Line Therapy

A guy named Tad James in Hawaii has an outgrowth of NLP called Time Line Therapy, or Time Line goal-setting.  It is a terrific visualization/goal setting technique that dovetails beautifully with what we're talking about here.
On a very basic level, Time Line goal setting suggests that you can best accomplish your goals when:
1) You have a goal clearly stated, and visualize the last step.
2) Your value hierarchy is aligned with the goal.
3) Your belief systems are aligned with the goal
4) Your positive and negative emotional anchors are aligned with the goal.
It is SO incredibly easy to get off the path, and often the self-sabotage won't reveal itself until years have passed, and you find yourself floundering and can't figure out what happened.  The most consistent sign that you are "off the path" is a loss of energy.  You just feel drained, dragging from one day to the next.  this is not just a physical thing--it is a sign of being spiritually disconnected, of losing your focus.  You can increase energy INSTANTLY just by re-gaining clarity on what is most important to you in life, embracing your creative destiny.  that psychological/spiritual focus is absolutely precious, and never ever let anyone take that away from you.  In many, many ways the world seems to conspire to drain us. The natural curve of energy--from childhood to old age--peaks at about the age of 20.  But there are other sources of energy, and you should seek them out with great care and persistence.  On the discussion board (you'll find the button to the right) we started a thread about energy, and I'd love for people to post about the things that DRAIN them, and those that lift them up.  Here are ten of my favorite energy boosters, just to make a sixty-second list:
1) drinking water.
2) Naps
3) fresh fruit and vegetable juice smoothy
4) aerobic exercise
5) stretching and alignment
6) proper breathing (THE FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE!)
7) Working on a favorite project
8) hugs
9) sex (!)
10) Dancing.
That was just a  quick burst of thoughts.  I'd love to hear comments out there--how do you gain and lose energy?  The "time Line" therapy discussed at the beginning are a terrific way to see where you have your brakes on.  Take 'em off--and you'll discover a course of energy you may have completely forgotten.


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