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Monday, February 21, 2005


I don't believe in it.  What I do believe in is hard work over time, and honesty.  And people capable of both are in short supply.    How many of you are capable of writing a million words, just to get into the game?  How many of you will tell the truth about what turns you on, horrifies you, engages you, amuses you?  In my experience it is far more common to find artists interested in being "clever" than revelatory.  A belief system that will help you: you can run out of clever, but you can never run out of the truth.
This is what the LIFEWRITING system is set up to do: to get you thinking more deeply than you ever have about who and what you are, what your life has been, how you are responsible for your successes and failures in life.  And to turn that understanding into wisdom.

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