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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Palm Springs

I'm here with my family in Palm Springs, lecturingat Rob Kall's Storycon/Biofeedback event. Great fun, hanging around with folks involved in quantifying the body-mind connection, and having a chance to share some of the concepts I've been working with for the last few years. Yesterday, I gave a complete overview of the Lifewriting system--only the second time I've done that. Today, it's a talk on Storytelling and the origin of human consciousness. That should be great fun, and a version of the talk I gave at the Smithsonian. What that will stress is that storytelling allowed people to create non-linear maps of their experience, connected within a matrix of emotional relevance. We don't live reality just in temporal reality:we "flashback" all the time to events that changed our lives that have more impact than that cheese sandwich we had yesterday. I'll talk about that more next week. Meanwhile, my son is calling for me: we both need a hug before I greet the day. Hopefully, later I'll do some Warrior Wellness, and sme body flow to break a darned good sweat.


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