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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Sleep and Bikram Yoga

Curious...I've been noticing that I seem to need a little less sleep since I've been practising this stuff.  I've never found anything that reduced my need for sleep.  Without my eight hours, I feel completely trashed.  WITH eight hours, I never get sick.  I've been waking up after about 6-7, feeling "light and cool," my kinesthetic signatures that tell me I'm ready to get out of bed.  Well, I'm going to investigate this a little more carefully.  Both Nicki and Tananarive are involved in practise now, which is a load off my mind...Nicki seems to be finding an aspect of her power that she hadn't claimed before, and I'm delighted!  Let's see what happens...

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Anonymous said...

Please read Bikram's newest book and you will understand why you are gradually needing less and less sleep.

Bikram sleeps 2 hours in the morning everyday and no more.