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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Re-Writing...and choosing good grandparents

So this week you're re-writing the story from week #1.  Fine.  If you wrote a rough draft, re-read it.  How did it end? Remember--the meaning of a story is found in its ending.  the last images and major thoughts.  What was that meaning?  What you have to do now is go back and re-write the story to reinforce that meaning.  Look for ways to tighten and polish.  The best way to learn to write is by writing...
And the second best way is by reading.  You should read ten times as much as you intend to write.  Want to write 1000 words a day?  Read 10,000 words.  Furthermore, this reading should be BETTER than your current ability, and BETTER than your intended goal, if possible.  Want to write comic books?  Read pulp fiction.  Write pulp fiction?  Read popular fiction.  Write popular fiction, read bestsellers.  Write bestsellers?  Read classics. 
And you want to write classics?  Well...pick your grandparents very carefully.

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