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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

She Hate Me (2004)

This film of a black executive, fired for being a whistle-blower, forced to make a living impregnating lesbians (!) qualifies as one of the most vilified films of the year.  I think it's one of director Spike Lee's best films--although it contains his trademarked tirades, they are integrated into the story better than most.  Those who have been reading this blog would guess why I think it was so incredibly vilfied: the sexual content.  You might agree, you might disagree.  But go to
to see a sampling of the nation's critical response.  Then rent the film and tell me if you think it deserved such approbation.  Perhaps it did. Individual films are impossible to evaluate on a "did it fail because of factor X" basis.  Only a CLASS of films, dozens or hundreds deep, can reveal a statistical abberation.  Still, I invite the look.  In a saner world, "She Hate Me" is a tale of sexuality, personal responsiblity, a cry to black fathers to take responsibility for the children they make--ultimately a moral, challenging tale.  And one that was absolutely doomed from the start.  I can only say that I loved it--I can't say it's good.  I'm sure that some of the critics trashed it with reason.  I am also certain that some of those reasons would never be admitted publicly...or perhaps even to themselves.  An "A-"

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