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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bikram Yoga, again

Tananarive, Nicki and I all went to the Bikram yoga school last night for an intense class.  One thing I was happy about is that T thought it wasn't as hard as she'd feared.  She's been doing the Be Breathed exercises for months now, (has worked her way up to 50 reps) and just that level of fitness, (combined with treadmill and kettlebell workouts), powered her through one of the toughest yoga workouts around.  I told her to concentrate on her breathing--as she does with KB and treadmill, taking the "Be Breathed" concept and locking it into different physical modes.  ALL physical exercise could be considered nothing but breathing exercise, and once you understand Be Breathed, and have integrated it into the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE, you are operating on a different plane, where all physical motion becomes a Yoga, and life begins to reveal another layer of secrets.  This is knowledge that can only be gained experientially.  Check out the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE today...and if you don't already have an analogous technology integrated into your life, for goodness sakes, buy it!  What are you waiting for?  The aliveness, energy, and success you seek is on the other side of discipline, focus, and resistence to fear...and the Five Minute Miracle can help with all of this!  Go for it!

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