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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Being a Potato

Is a good thing.  Being "solid all the way through."  Our philosophies of life should be in alignment with our actions and beliefs.  People should look at us and know us--or, more honestly, we should be AWARE that the world knows us from our actions.  We must be AWARE that our values and beliefs are displayed through our human relationships, our physical bodies, our career choices and excellence.  Our spoken words are taken to reflect our inner thoughts.  Don't be like a light bulb, with waves going in all directions.  Be more like a laser, with the waves--our beliefs, values, actions, emotions, thoughts--all going in the same direction.  I've never met a human being who was perfect at this, but this is the direction of personal evolution. The best way I know to begin this process is with
1) focused, balanced goals. and
2) A spiritual/mental breathing discipline. 
Find a teacher, please.  Or do the research necessary to begin this path.  Or buy the Five Minute Miracle.  An individual breath is the smallest unit of conscious attention.  It is the elementry consciousness component.  A cathedral of excellence can be constructed using such building blocks.

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