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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A letter on the 5MM

It is good to have your blog as a means to keep 'in touch' with you. I am
following your constant (and quite excellent) suggestions. And I just had to
tell you what happened today:

I found myself having to walk home from work, about 1 1/2 - 2 miles, no
biggie, and I was carrying 2 bags, one weighing about 5 lbs and the other
about 7. It was pretty cold outside, maybe 43 degrees and raining, and I
decided to practice the "Be Breathed" technique. Well, two specific things
happened: 1) Once I became 'immersed' in the technique it was very hard to
stop, and 2) I began to feel... heat, like a turned up heating pad, in my
belly and lower abdomen, that intensified the more and 'better' I breathed.
It was strange and exciting and I thought, Damn! I should tell Steve! And
here I am! Any insights?
Our bodies have incredible abilities to protect and make themselves comfortable.  Using the Be Breathed technique during any exercise or exertion increases the effects many fold...this particular effect I hadn't seen while practising it, but HAVE seen during other breathing activities, and Be Breathed is super-compatible.  In fact, more than anything it is a new way to view a variety of powerful techniques, linking them together into what might almost be considered a "super-technique."  If you haven't gotten your copy of the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE, do it!


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