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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh My God!! Hindu Squat Breakthrough!

I'm on my way out the door, but made a promise to you guy to share my process, relatively undiluted (the only way I could write this much without it interfering with my other work!).  I just did a post linking Hindu Pushups to Sun Salutations.  Then I mentioned Ashtanga as a good place to learn about SS.  Well, Ashtanga has two different types of SS, called "A" and "B".  It hit me that the "B" salutations contain a motion suspiciously like Hindu Squats.  I think one could use "A's" to do Hindu Pushup ladders, and "B's" to do Hindu Squat ladders...or even turn it into a "burpee" type drill doing both.  Say, 2-3 Squats for every pushup?  I think you'd trash yourself pretty quick.  More on these thoughts later...but remember: choose health over fitness, then expand health to include performance, rather than trying to do it the other way around.  Just check out the fitness web sites to see how often these studs are recovering from one injury or another.  Unless you're a competitive athlete, who needs that grief?


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