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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Energy and the 5MM

The reason I sugget the Five Minute Miracle is simple, actually.  In years of teaching success principles, the missing link with most of the "stuck" folks was their body.  They hadn't time to exercise, or didn't know how.  They were carrying so much pain and fear in their bodies that if they started working out, nightmares overwhelmed them (I'm not making this up!)  Their priorities were structured so poorly that they put their bodies at the end of the list.   And so when it came time for them to focus their energy to rise from one level of life to the next, they had no energy.  Know why you "can't teach an old dog new tricks?"  Because the dog is tired.
The self-directed path to behavioral modification is pretty well deliniated:
1) note the behavior you want to change
2) decide what you want to change it to.
3) Raise your energy level
4) practise the new behavior
5) fail successfully
6) start the process over again.
Most people forget at least two of these steps: they don't raise their energy level, and they don't give themselves permission to fail.
The Fve Minute Miracle, which incorporates dozens of different ideas into  a single relatively simple system, is the easiest way I know of for getting yourself on the right path.  If you can't manage five minutes a day, (for instance), you should KNOW that the problem is not  time, it is not physical, it is emotional.  Given that self-knowledge, you can seek resources for healing the breech--and until you heal your emotions, you won't be able to make the shifts  you want in other arenas of your life.
I have a friend right now who is struggling with her weight.  She CANNOT simultaneously exercise and watch her diet.  Cannot.  If she does, she will lose weight, and she's not ready to do that.  So she can do one or the other, and bounces back and forth.  It is so sad to watch.  And she has surrounded herself with friends who reinforce this self-deceptive behavior. 
"Fatigue makes cowards of us all".  With enough energy, we are afraid of nothing.  Learning to breath, move, and think properly frees huge amounts of energy.  Improving digestion frees more.  Improving posture frees more.  Want a HUGE energy blast?  Take  the Five Minute Miracle's "Be Breathed" technique out for a 20-minute walk.  Wow!  Take those five short breaks during the day, and think of your goals as you breathe.  You won't believe the leap in motivation!  We've sold thousands of tapes, and not ONE SINGLE PERSON has asked for their money back. I keep holding my breath, waiting...I've never sold a product with a (so far) ZERO percent return.  It can't last forever.  But in the meantime, this is something I believe in so much that if I could PAY you to try it, I would. 
The answer to the world's problems lie in our capacity to evolve to the next level of love and life.  For that, we need all  the energetic warrior/healers we can find.  Please, please, please (as James Brown says...) begin to protect and raise your energy in whatever way you can.  We're going to talk about this more in the days and weeks and months to come.  Who wants to commit to increasing their energy 300% in the coming year?  Want to be a published writer?  Well, you'd better get that energy up!  It's a long, hard road.  Walk, run, dance, make love, garden, breathe, yoga...and try the five Minute Miracle.  You won't be sorry.


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