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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sex and money

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"You are ready to begin having sex at the point that you earn enough honest money to put a roof over your own head and food on your table. When you can support yourself."

Could you explain the connection you are making between sex and money please? My intutiotion tells me there is a problem --a significant absence of soul-- somewhere in this association.
Anonymous | 02.16.05 - 5:39 pm |
The connection is that the decision to have sex is an adult one, one that, in my estimation, should only be made by those capable of making mature decisions.  Disease, pregnancy, physical abuse, and emotional addictions are just some of the potential problems. In my mind, the immature mistake sex for love, choose inappropriate partners, aren't as careful about birth control or as realistic about the consequences of single parenthood or rushed marriage.  But at what age IS it appropriate? I decided that the best quantifiable measurement I could think of was the point at which you have learned to focus your energy and intelligence sufficiently to create goods and services that are valued by your community.  A person who cannot support himself is a child, in my book, and children shouldn't be having sex.  EARN ENOUGH MONEY TO SUPPORT A POSSIBLE CHILD.  Sorry-- a person who can do that is just a different bloke from someone who has never put a roof over their own head.
What if you've inherited enough to support a child?  Then get to college before you drop trou.  About 90% of the really, really bad sexual decisions I know of were made before the age of 20.  I little maturity goes a long way.