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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Using the Five Minute Miracle to increase your energy

The 5MM works by strengthening the mind-body connection, and by changing the way your breathing, motion, and alignment work on an instinctive level.  It is the doorway to that magical place, The Golden Hour, the Holy Grail when it comes to snatching your life back from the world.  The following is a tiny application of its potential that many of you will be advanced enough to use.
First thing in the morning when you wake up, sit up in bed and perform your first minute of Be Breathed.  As you do, close your eyes and find your heartbeat.  After you do, visualize a triangle and "place" your heartbeat in the center of it.  Mentally "flash" each side of the triangle one at a time, sequentially briefly visualizing your goals for Body, Mind, and spirit.
(For instance: 25 short stories completed in a calendar year.  Intimate time with your spouse.  A daily brisk walk in the park, visualizing a lean, fit body)

ADVANCED STUDENTS: move from higher to lower Chakras, visualizing a triangle at each one, one breath at a time for a total of seven breaths
During the day, during your other 60-second Be Breathed segments, close your eyes (if it is safe--not while driving!) and visualize the triangle again.  Seven breaths.  ADVANCED STUDENTS ONLY: move from lower to higher chakra, one breath at a time.
This is why it works.  Your energy is controlled by four factors:
1) your fitness level,
2) your fuel intake (proper food),
3) your amount and quality of rest,
4)and the clarity of your goals.

You are currently working on the body-mind connection, using the breath to link all of yoru activities.  By using the 5MM you are actually re-patterning the way your breathing works.  Great!
2) Fuel intake become healthier as you start to hear what your body actually wants.  the body-mind connection, again.
3) As you get better at dealing with stress, your body can release into full rest mode more easily.
4) most importantly for this exercise.  To accomplish a goal, you must not only be able to visualize its end point clearly, you must have internal clarity: permission to achieve it.  Otherwise, you are keeping your brakes on.  As you briefly visualize your goals five times a day (a total of just 5 minutes!  Thirty-five breaths!) you are directing your subconscious to align with your conscious mind.  Your actions, beliefs and thoughts begin to move in the same direction.  Motivation is in direct proportion to the clarity of goals AND your belief that they can be, and should be accomplished AND your understanding of the pleasure you will get from the accomplishment.  A constant question should be: "How can I acomplish my goal AND have fun in the process?"
Goals release a floodgate of energy.
Because the 5MM is such a powerful body-mind link, you will find that this apparently "simple" exercise has vast and startling effects.  It may be the most powerful goal-setting system ever devised, and you'll find versions of it in every sacred tradition in the world.  It is another "secret key" to mastery, right out in the open.  Use it for 30 days, journal your results.  You'll get the pleasant surprise of your life!

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