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Saturday, December 04, 2004

National Treasure (2004)

Oh, what the hell, lighten up, critics.  I'd heard so many bad things about this movie that, when Nicki and I went to see it last night, it tickled me to death.  "National Treasure", a sort of B-movie    " DaVinci Code," tells the story of a "Treasure Protector" (Nicolas Cage) whose family has, for generations, been searching for the lost loot of the Knights Templar.  The clues are scattered all over  Washington, most notably on the back of the Declaration of Independence (in invisible ink).  If you can swallow this absolute howler, you'll have a great time watching very clever people being deliberately dumbed-down for the sheer fun of it.  I had an enormous grin on my face for much of the ensuing action, which, by the way, is virtually bloodless.  It is a Disney movie in the almost-best sense of the words, absolutely suitable for the whole family.  Leave your higher brain functions at home and have a great time.
A solid "B"

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