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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Diamond goal setting

Oh, of course I could have called this "Triangle" goal setting, but the whole technology is still evolving, and I'll call it what the heck I want.  Ahem.  At any rate, here's how  you use the diamond (or "Triangle" for setting and achieving goals.  It is a flat fact that your ability to "stay the course" with a difficult goal is in direct proportion to your motivation to do so.  the longer your list of motivations, the easier it is to keep going when times get rough.  Now, remember your triad: Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Fitness, career, and relationships.  You need to have a goal in each of them for this system to work.   Now, remember in the Five Minute Miracle where we talked about the fact that every physical technique is created by the interaction of Breathing, Motion, and Alignment (another Triad!).  Also remember that each of them is created by the other two.  What we need to do is extend this idea to our goals. In other words, you need to grasp how every aspect of your life is connected to the others.  In other words, Career is enabled by fitness and family.  Relationships are empowered by Career and Fitness.  And Fitness/Health is supported by Career and Relationships.  How might this work?
1)  Career.  In my case, it's writing.  Writing and success therein enables me to support my family, and provide a role model of artistic possibility.  It allows me to express myself in a manner that is healthy for my community, and to explore social and philosophical issues...all good for the world at large.  My career also gives me the freedom to spend flextime exercising: my office is in my gym!  I can stop for five mintues every hour and stretch or practise a bit of kali stick flow, or a serak djuru or two.  It's just too much fun, and I'd lose that freedom with a 9-to-5 job.
2)  Relationships.  My connection to my wife and children teaches me invaluable things I can use in my writing.  It is a constant source of inspiration and motivation.  I also believe that the integrity of my connection to Tananarive is the quality of my connection to my Muse.  Nicki and Jason are my heart, and my love for them motivates everything in my life.  The more I love them, the easier it is to work hard and play hard, and the more precious life becomes.  I want to be as strong and fit as possible as a model of possibility for them--I have to lead by example!
3) Fitness.  My health provides energy for my work and my family.  It is my living contact with the world around me, and my little piece of nature.  It reminds me of my mortality, but also my beauty and power.  It humbles me daily, and tests my willpower, ego, discipline, and resistance to the little voices in my head that love Krispy Kreme doughnuts and just flat laziness.
See?  Each aspect of my life is tied to the other two.  No one part stands alone.  When you do your FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE, five 1-minute bursts during the day, visualize your Diamond (triangle) with the three different role models/goals, and as you practise your special breathing, strengthen the visualization.  As you begin to increase the intensity of your FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE by adding floorwork, or integrating it into Clubbells or Kettlebells, or Yoga, or martial arts or hill-walking, work on your breating-motion-alignment.  As you clarify this Diamond, your subconscious will automatically strengthen the Diamond that supports your non-physical goals--remember: they are all connected!  Empowering one is empowering all, as long as you stay in balance. 
DON'T JUST READ THESE IDEAS.  Begin to apply them in your life.  Actually take your five 1-minute breaks per day, focus and breathe.  Get the Five Minute Miracle, or work with your yoga or martial arts instructor to create short, effective breathing routines that will allow you to explore the mind-body link.  Get started! You're one day older than you were yesterday, and only one day away from tomorrow.  What are you waiting for?

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