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Monday, December 13, 2004

Mother of the Matrix

A reader asked me this:
What's your feeling about the Sophia Stewart Matrix thing. I am black and yet my programming allowed me to be surprised at this revalation regardless of my efforts to clean out the programming of my youth.
Chris | 12.13.04 - 1:40 pm |
I've seen the controversy, and visited a half-dozen sites talking about it.  Not one of them was specific about what her screenplay contained, only rejoicing that a judge has agreed to look at her case.  Wow.  Folks, this means nothing.  Note that she is suing both the "Matrix" folks and the "Terminator" folks.  Couple of thoughts on this:
1) the major thing in common between these two franchises is that they deal with a revolt of the machines, an idea at least a century old.
2) Cameron was forced to admit that elements of "Terminator" were "borrowed" from Harlan Ellison "Outer Limits" episodes shot in the 60's.'d get me to believe pigs could fly before I believed Harlan stole this lady's work.  Sorry.
There may be something to this case, but major Hollywood money machines often get sued, usually by people who never create anything else.  It makes me suspicious.  If someone produces a registered screenplay with elements unique and obviously ripped off, I'll be a believer.  Until then, it's just another Hollywood story.

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