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Saturday, December 11, 2004

How much time per day?

Five minutes is minimum maintenance.
Fifteen minutes (Five Minute Miracle plus Tibetans or yoga) for slow  steady progress.
One Hour is probably the optimum, the best cost/benifit ratio plan.  During that hour, you can perform a combination of:
1) meditation
2) Exercise (Tibetans or  yoga plus clubbells, kettlebells, whatever)
3) Goal setting
4)Input.  I personally listen to one college lecture every morning, and read an act of Shakespeare aloud.
this is minimum.  It would also be possible to alternate days of exercise and mach-speed writing output, pure flow.  In 1/2 hour of pure flow, you can produce 1000 words.  The next session could be polishing.  Done this way, you would produce about 1500 words a week, or 75,000 words a year, plus have all your emotional, physical and mental bases covered in only an hour a day.  Needless to say, if you can invest more time, GREAT.  But this system allows you to start with only 5 minutes a day, leverage yourself to an hour, and make steady, no-b.s. progress toward your goals.

Get started!

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