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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Heartbeat Meditation

The simplest, most powerful and safest meditation I know.  Simply sit or stand quietly and listen to your heartbeat.  If you have SERIOUS emotional issues, you will tend to fall asleep or be deviled with horrifically compelling distractions.  Standing quietly with eyes closed will help.  Relax.  Find your heartbeat.  This can be done while practising Tai Chi or Yoga.  But you must slow, and find the heartbeat.  The Triangle of breathing, motion, and alignment must be maintained in order to go inward.  This should be done for at least 20 minutes at a time...the first 15 minutes are filled with ego-mind chatter and distraction.  Your ego-mind, striving to keep you from your true self, will try to do anything to keep you from going this deeply: falling asleep, causing pains, making you think of trivial tasks, belittling your efforts, and on and on.  This is completely normal.  Heartbeat meditation is fantastic, and should be used until or unless you find a meditation teacher to work with you personally.  It works.  Use it.

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MAHESH said...

Its wonderful practice of meditation. After clearing this step you soon will realize to be happy and most of the time u will become more positive fully charged. Next step after that is to see your body by your soul. Its little difficult but very powerful. Once you reached that step then entire world is your . and you are in entire world.