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Monday, December 06, 2004

Morning Golden Hour

It’s official now: I both love and hate Coach Sonnon.  The 100-Rep Death march Density program has pointed out every flaw in my training approach that I never knew I had: insufficient recovery work, insufficient mental/emotional clarity and motivation, gaps in my “cascading” physical attribute chain, and more, and more.  It trashed me, no matter which way I approached it.

So, after I moved down to So. Cal, I went through another re-vamping of my exercise program.  Three days a week of pure recovery work (yoga).  On the other three, “advanced Tibetan” (Warrior Wellness, Be Breathed, Body-Flow Quad Switches, and Hindu Pushups) before I get to my resistence work, which is alternating Bruiser work and kettlebells.  During the day, Greasing the Groove with Softwork, Body-Flow and brief resistance training.

I’ve been using a “breathing” pyramid: one rep on the right (Gama Casts), take one breath.  Two reps on the left, two breaths.  Three reps on the right…and so on, up to ten. Then I do another ten, and start climbing back down to one.  Total: 110 reps.  Total time: about 24 minutes.  I’ll begin to reduce the number of breaths SLOWLY, and with hyper-awareness of the effect.  This approach my body seems to like just fine.  My attributes are developing in balance.  My morning meditations are a little “darker” than I like: I suspect a lot of old emotional stuff is getting stirred up.  So be it.  One thing about me: I slow down, but I don’t stop.  If I am physically and mentally capable of mastering the 100-rep challenge, I’m gonna find a way to do it. 

Thanks a whole bunch, Coach.  Arrgh.
On another note, I was listening to a lecture on "Romeo and Juliet" this morning, follwoed by some pretty hot music as I pushed myself through that breathing pyramid. And yeah, the meditation this morning was a bit "foggy", but that happens.  I couldn't resolve my usual triangle visualization for sour owl poop.  Sigh.  Just the circle of life, I guess.  Three steps forward, one step back.  Today I'll take my daughter Nicki to enroll at Citrus College, which will be something of a thrill...just another step along the path!

I also need to do my 1000 words...let's see...I think I'll do it on the acting project I've hinted about.  Sorry--no names yet!


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