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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Morning Meditation and stuff

I generally visualize a triangle at each chakra, and then feel my heartbeat in the center.  When I see light pulsing in the darkness, I know that my mind is centering.  This effect is what I call a "complex equivilent."  In other words, I've trained my mind to provide me with simple symbols for complex and complicated processes in my body-mind dynamic.  Darkness might represent fatigue, confusion, conflict, etc.  Light might represent energy, clarity, commitment, etc.  I don't always consciously know.  What I do know is tat the days that the light flows freely, I am way productive and energetic, and luck seems to come my way--especially if I get several of those days in a row, and most especially if I get that light in my 6th chakra.
Today is yoga day, a day of renewal after the #$$-kicking I gave myself yesterday.  BTW--afterwards, I coached Nicki through a grueling 24-minute kettlebell workout.  She was doing O.K. until we got to "Turkish Get-Ups".  She complained that she couldn't understand them, but then when I explained, something clicked in.  She really engaged with them emotionally, and seemed to find a little extra uumph, a level of emotional, internal engagement I hadn't seen in her for a while.  Me likie that!  You have to engage body, mind, and spirit in any activity to get the most out of it, and the physical body is a great place to test this.  Way to go Nicki!

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