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Thursday, December 09, 2004

First Chakra

Muladhara, the first or root chakra, is our entrance into the physical world.  For a character in a story, it begs us to ask questions about survival, fear, the basic way he or she relates to the physical universe.  In combination with the second and third chakras, it forms the "Belly Brain" or center of instinctual action on the physical plane.
There is little sadder than dealing with a talented and intelligent writer who forgets to describe his characters, who has no sense of the kinesthetic space a character moves through, the way that physical motion defines our existence.  it is also sad to meet someone who is completely out of shape, and is offended that they are judged for this.  WE ARE OUR ACTIONS, as any actor can tell you.  In conversation with the actor whose biography I might be writing (more on that soon), he said that "acting is not pretending".  It is, precisely, actions, actions that reveal who we are in the world.  The choice of this action as opposed to that one.  All actions open and close doors. And one of the arenas of life that reveals who we are is the domain of the physical body.  It reveals for all to see our values, beliefs, actions, discipline, health, fitness.
In addition, the body is like a sixth sense--the proprioceptive sense, the sense of where you are in three dimensional space.  If you have a broken connection here, you can be almost blind, with a distorted map of reality.  I literally know people who believe their bodies disobey the laws of physics.  So sad.  THIS is why I created the "Five Minute Miracle", the first exercise system created for busy writers.  It provides that crucial connection in the minimum time possible--about five minutes a day.  That body-mind link is the missing piece for accessing genius, folks.  It will give you the leverage to turn your emotional dreams and intellectual powers into real results. Why?  Because your body doesn't lie.  Get in touch with your body, and you can learn where you are on the road of life.  Painful as it may be, you will get accurate feedback, every damned day.  Painful sometimes, embarrassing, frightening...but also exhilarating and education.  We are physical as well as spiritual and mental beings.  Your body stores emotion, it marks out your presence in three-dimensional space, it teaches us, it attracts mates and sexual partners, it reveals our physical and emotional health.  So for the sake of your career, of understanding this crucial aspect of your characters, of healthier relationships and the energy to bring your dreams into reality, start moving.  Dance.  Do yoga.  Walk.  Swim.  Or get the "Five Minute Miracle." 
But for goodness sake do SOMETHING!!

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