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Friday, December 10, 2004

4-Dimensional Performance Pyramid

Coach Sonnon promotes a brilliant concept he calls the "Three-dimensional performance pyramid."  I'm just adapting it a bit.  It operates in the physical realm, but the creative will immediately see the adaptation to the intellectual. 
1) At the base of my pyramid, there is sanity. This is where you have to begin--with the commitment to being a whole, sane person.  That means that you are committed to working through, and healing, the incongruities, the damage, the emotional cess-pool that can live undr teh "floorboards" of our intellectual life.  Often the legacy of childhood, we can build right over this, create lives that seem perfectly healthy, and are actually accidents waiting to happen.  The symptoms will always be visible in our relationships, our careers, or our bodies.
2) Physical Health.  This is not the same as fitness.  It is feeling good about yourself. Waking up full of energy and ready for the day.  Your joints feel great.  No sniffling or coughing.  You never, or rarely, get sick.
3) Fitness.  This becomes more specific.  You choose an activity, and learn the specific requirements necessary to practise it.  Endurance, strength, flexility, etc. In what proportions?  Each activity has its own demands.  Learn them.
4)  Skill.  Once you have the first three in place, begin to accumulate the specific skill-sets of your activity.
5) Competition.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  You must remember the Triangle of Breathing-Motion-Alignment.  Place yourself under competitive stress, sufficient to cause the Triangle to break down. this will show youwhere you need to work--in other words, a resistant opponent is your very best friend, showing you flaws in your structure.  The lessons learned here, regarding maintianing balance under stress, will teach you things that cannot be put into words.  Viewed this way, competition is a laboratory for life.
Your homework:  How can you adapt the above to the arena of career?  Relationship? Be creative!


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