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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's the secret?

On Day 55 of the 101 program, I mention one of the most important things you can do, to DOUBLE your chance of reaching your goals.

What is it?

Well, it isn't re-writing your goals every day (although you should). It isn't rewarding yourself every time you reach a goal (although you should). It isn't dividing your goals into bite-sized "chunks" you can get done on a daily basic (although you definitely should!)

What is this secret? And you know by now that I LOVE secrets...have searched the world for them, spent forty-five years and countless thousands of dollars seeking them...

The secret is

Find at least one person to share your dreams with.

There it is. If you have a single friend, or mate, or relative you can talk to about your hopes and dreams, brainstorm person who "has your back" and will encourage you and remind you of your commitments, you DOUBLE your chances of reaching your goal.

What if you don't have such a person? We've got you covered. This is why we set up the 101 Board for students, where they can share their ambitions, fears, and concerns, and get supported 100%.

No excuses. Create goals in all four arenas of your life. Re-write them daily. Work to raise your energy level. And find at least one precious person with whom to share your hopes and trials.

Live your dreams!



The 101 Program has its own support group. Order your copy today, and share the wealth!


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Steven Barnes said...

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