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Saturday, October 01, 2011

One Breath at a time...

OCTOBER 1, 2011

When something like this is the first thing I read in the morning, I hope I can be forgiven for a sense of pride.

Greetings BabaGuru Steven!

I've been meaning to message you for many days... I just wanted to thank you again for the many years of guidance, support, wisdom, and insight you have provided. I was in a near-fatal (that's what folk are calling it) accident last weekend. It was pretty dramatic- took 6 emergency workers to get me from the car. I amazed myself (and the workers) because even though I though I wasn't going to make it- I stayed calm- focused- and BREATHED. In fact, I think it was the BREATH that kept me from panicking, even while trapped in the car, unable to move, wondering if I was on the verge of death. I kept my breathing low- moving it from my chest- it was steady- I focused on every inhale and exhale. Even in the emergency room, being poked, prodded, and in excruciating pain, I focused on the breath. My blood pressure was low- so much that the ER nurse commented- asking me if I "did yoga" So thank you, for teaching me (and so many others) about the importance of BREATH. And even now- after the fact, I've stayed present, being grateful to have survived, and having faith that all is STILL well.

You have been and remain one of my primary influences, teachers, and inspirations ...

Eternal love and light!

salina (sarafina connor) gray

I trust that when you said "moving it from my chest" you mean low abdominal breathing. But whatever you mean, I am terribly proud of you, Salina. Blessings.

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