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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seeking the "Sons of Bees"

Look for the "sons of bees"

So we're talking about self-publication, or setting up an internet sales module, sometimes called an "N-POD" (Net Profits On Demand.) All I can give you here is an outline of the steps that have earned millions for people selling simple products. If you aren't aware of EACH of these ten steps, your efforts to get your ideas out...or make money...will be seriously curtailed.

Yesterday we talked Step #1--finding your passion. It is critical that you begin NOT with the desire to "make money" but the driving NEED to express yourself, to help the world, to share your enthusiasm.

Today, Step #2 is: Find a Starving Hive. (bet you wondered how I'd justify that headline!)

In other words, in the land of the Internet, if you find something you are passionate about...say midget mud wrestling...there are ALWAYS other people who care about midget mud wrestling too. So your plan to sell a book on training midget mud wrestlers is dependent on finding other mmw lovers. Don't bother trying to sell your book, lesson, or mmw products to opera lovers or comic book collectors. Find the people who are DYING to learn more about mmw.

How? Use Google. Type in your term. I just Googled Midget Mud Wrestling, and got 336,000 "hits." Yowzers! That means ezines, blogs, discussion groups, etc.--all packed with fanatical mmw fans!

What you're going to do is haunt these sites. Become a member of several mmw discussion groups. Post DAILY, making intelligent, useful comments, and in every post, you're going to put...

But that's tomorrow!


I'm loving the testimonials you guys have been sending over the last week. It is important to know that you, my friends and family, are all engaged in the same process...the refinement of our lives.

"You deliver what we call in my community an "exchange of abundance" - meaning I have gotten FAR more from you than the minimal contribution I made to purchase...Tacfit Warrior last year!"

--John J. Panella

That's wonderful. Scott Sonnon and I worked so hard to bring this program to life...delighted that others are seeing and appreciating what we accomplished!

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