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Monday, October 03, 2011

Another student letter

Ironic that as I log in to tell you about my NEW JOB at a (film industry technical) house, your email (Lion King) talks about Disney- a previous client of ours!!!!!! Also ironic that it came on my birthday, a very stressful 3 day weekend event I successfully navigated - despite some big problems and delays - by telling myself & everyone else 'dont worry about it', 'it'l all work out fine', BREATHE, & a lil 'lite chanting' lol.

Life is amazing. I never thought in one year I'd be sharing these kinds of results with you. I thought it would be two or three!!!!

Now more than ever I need my anonymity, which makes me hesitate to share quite so openly on the boards. I DO want to show off to YOU though, just a little!

Based on my prior experience & my passion for the company, I was hired three weeks ago as (executive) at (XXX)

Mom and I were marveling at how far I've come, and how quickly. How so many things in our life changed and shifted so that I was able to accept the position when it was offered.
Able on so many levels!!!! Mentally, physically, spiritually. And emotionally.

Steve, it's incredible.

C., founder of XXX, and I were children together, the usual moves of life drew us apart for many years- touching bases now and then, but not really knowing the kind of person the other had become. We are like mirror images, long lost twins.... It's like getting to know myself. C. & Z., our VP, have been BFF's since childhood, while Z.'s sister M. and I have been the same- our friendship turned 21 this year.

It's amazing to work with people I've known all my life, who care about me and help me use my gifts, while understanding and supporting my weaknesses.

I had to stop and tell you thanks. Give thanks to the Universe.

Thank you for guiding and supporting all of us on this road. For being accessible and caring. Steve you are a miracle worker! I hope to get down to Atlanta again soon and take you out to lunch (because I have a job now)!!!!!

I've been sharing the magic of TFW: mom had severely limited range of motion in her right rotator cuff. Very little shoulder movement. She can now lift her arm to her ear, and hug herself - reaching her shoulder blades. I left my DVD for C. & his wife to check out yesterday. I know he can benefit from it as much as I did, and will!!!

Much more to tell you about this summer, but I'll wrap up for now.

We have come so far!!! I am thrilled about where we are going. Please look at our a website, check out what we do . . . And yes, that IS an Emmy on our video page--(the company) has in fact won a second since that photo was taken!

In grateful loving kindness,



Fabulous. I'd love to know more about the specific aspects of our programs that have helped you the most. But know how proud I am, and humbled to have smoothed your path in any way whatsoever.



Do you see what happens when you know what you want, take daily action, raise your energy, and remove the physical and mental blocks? We were born to evolve. The 101 Program and its allied products are unique. I don't really think I created them. In a much more profound sense, they created me.

You're next!


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