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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Principle #9: The ability to raise and focus energy

Let's recap principles 1-8:

1) The ability to be blisteringly honest, but courageously compassionate.

2) The ability to set clear goals in alignment with the deepest values and beliefs.

3) The capacity to believe in Self deeply.

4) A knowledge of past actions (positive and negative) without that knowledge limiting future options.

5) The ability to take action despite the “noise” of internal voices, if those actions are in alignment with deeply held values and beliefs.

6) The ability to postpone gratification, to move toward a worthy goal in an incremental fashion.

7) The ability to create healthy bonded teams of allies to reach those goals unreachable by an individual. The ability to create a primary bond with another adult, equal human being.

8) The ability to shift fluidly from “Yin” to “Yang”—from female to male modes of thought and action—depending on the circumstance.

Get it? And now #9:

9) The ability to raise and focus the physical and emotional energies on command.

All champions, all peak-performers, know how to do this. They can get themselves "up" whenever they need to. When they step up to the plate, take the position at the podium, step into the ring, show up for the job or step across the threshold of the boudoir...they are READY.

This morning, I worked with Jason on his breathing, visualization, body movement, and emotional balance. God knows, I'm working with everything I know how to do to help my baby boy learn to control himself, to move his energy on HIS command, rather than simply reacting to the external world. I don't know what is going to work. I do know that his success in life will be based on his capacity to guide the flow of his life energy. "Getting it up" (energetically, of course) is just part of it. Guiding his energy to appropriately match the challenges of his life, in other words, MODIFYING that energy appropriately---that will be the full challenge.

Day Fifty of the 101 Program(tm) introduces the concept of I.D.E.A.--Instinctive Designation of Energy and Attention. One of the doorways to Mastery, and critical in every arena of life. Too much or too little energy, applied one second too soon or too late...and a lifetime of skill is nullified.

So...learn to raise your energy. Find a discipline to teach you to focus any aspect of it, and then apply those rules to every other arena.

Love the work!


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