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Saturday, October 15, 2011

All it takes to get everything you want...

So we're trying to crack this mysterious thing called "inspiring and motivating" a group of like-minded people, with an intent to motivate them to take action. For some of you, that action will include purchasing products and services from you. The steps so far:

1) Start with passion
2) Find a "starving hive"
3) Create a squeeze page "Irresistable offer"

Here's step four: link your offer to an "autoresponder." These are commercial companies that gather email addresses for you, and send out emails. Google the term and find a company with a free trial...there are several. 1ShoppingCart is mine. Others like Aweber are highly thought of. Shop around to find that free trial--they're out there.

So the steps, again: find a personal passion. Decide to educate and share based on this deep passion. Locate people who are also crazy about your area. Create something FREE you can offer them: a sample chapter, an MP3, a special report. Something of genuine value to demonstrate your sincerity and expertise in your chosen arena.

The trick is to create a web-form that gathers email addresses in exchange for a download, product, or service. People come to your blog, get to know you, see your offer, and decide to make the minimal investment of exchanging their email for your "freebie." The relationship has begun.

The most important skills for you to develop are:
1) a belief that you have value to offer
2) The clarity to make goals and set plans
3) The personal power to take action
4) The ability to keep going, maintain flexible behavior, and never ever quit!

The 101 PROGRAM is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to be the best, strongest, smartest "you" you can be.

Remember: all it takes to get everything you everything you've got.

Game on!

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