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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Note from a 101 Student...

October 8, 2011

A 101 Student's note: I had been fasting intermittently for like a week....This is like day 7 for day 4, I was having some really uncomfortable stress and by the time a major deadline arrived at day 7 I was ready to quit the program...I was thinking..."why bother, nothing is going to work for me, maybe this is just like another one of those self help schemes that I'll toss away"...well I prayed and something told me to just keep going...I used the breathing technique/meditation...I opened my eyes, wrote down a goal and I visualized it while breathing...Well WOW....WOW....WWWOWWW, it friggin worked! I was able to actually CHANGE my emotional state from one of panic and despair, to acceptance, focus, self love and determination. I accomplished that goal, and acquired some unexpected extra help along the way all because I was able to have faith and keep going....THANK much...this program works...and it's wonderful...Originally, I was a fan of your writing, but now I realize the breadth and awesomeness of your practice. I'm so glad to have this opportunity! ...Day 8 and still going........

All the Best,



Steve here. I wondered how the 101 Program would be received. I'm now getting notes like this every single day. Many thanks to all of my teachers, through all of my life, for helping me birth this lovely child. Namaste.

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