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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Self-Publishing and Online business

I've had a number of requests for more information on career--specifically, creating an on-line business. Writers often want to self-publish, and others are interested in making a little extra money.

I've decided to actually go ahead and talk about this, because the 101 Program is about re-creating your life, in your terms, in your time...and this can best be done, frankly, with money. There are a ton of ways to fail on the Internet, and a few ways to actually make money. An understanding of how to take control of this aspect of your life can be enormously liberating. And we're going to put this into the 10-Step structure of the LIFEWRITING program

STEP #1 (Hero Confronted With a Challenge): Your first step is to admit that you want to take control--to self-publish, create a product, or simply add another pillar under your financial foundation.

What is critical to remember here is that you must NOT choose an area because it looks like there's a lot of money being made there. No, you first choose an arena that you genuinely love, where you have a real personal interest. Something you are obsessive about.

1) Write out a list of things you are fanatical about, care about deeply. Think about spontaneously.

2) Google the main search terms, and see how many "hits" you get. It is reasonable to assume that if you are interested, others will be as well.


This is the first step in creating an income stream, second career, or self-publishing your work. The 101 PROGRAM will give you all the support, focus and self-understanding you will ever need to accomplish anything...but over the next few days, let's play with some specifics for actually making money. Cool?


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