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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Principle #8: Shifting from Yin to Yang

Principle #8: The ability to shift fluidly from “Yin” to “Yang”—from female to male modes of thought and action—depending on the circumstance.

Sorry it's taking so long to work through these principles, but there's really been so much going on. The eighth principle relates to conceptual and perceptual flexibility hugely. In any issue where there are sane people on either side--even if you disagree, it is critical to be able to see how the world works from the other point of view.

If you have to believe that anyone with an opposing position is either a knave or a fool, you are in danger of slipping into those categories yourself. That doesn't mean that you and your perspective are not right, or that you cannot or should not proceed with confidence. It is critical to do this, every day of your life.

But remember that the world really does look different when you slip on different philosophical or value-weighted glasses. "Male" and "Female" energies, for the sake of clarity (and not categorization) might be considered Direct and Indirect, Active and Passive, Destructive and Constructive, Thought and Emotion...any number of "Yang" and "Yin" pairs. The trick, of course, is that actual male and female human beings are blends of these qualities, averaging perhaps 55% of one and 45% of the other. It would be dangerous to ascribe "positive" and "negative" characteristics to any of these pairs. Even "destruction" is necessary to the creation of new growth--the pairs cannot be separated without crippling the process of life and growth.

On Day Twenty-Four of the 101 Program, I touch on a complex concept called the "Kundalini" energy, which is said to have male and female aspects.

In your next few meditations, try visualizing yourself in each of these arenas...and then visualize flowing back and forth between male and female aspects.

1)What would you have been if you'd been born the opposite gender? 2) What does your take on this reveal about your opinions of the opposite sex?


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