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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Inner Space

I asked a student to describe the nature of her internal meditation space in heart or head, weighing for clarity. Her reply:

"It is a small space. Three months ago, I wouldn't have been able to understand what you mean. I can tel a difference now, though. Before it was like an internal . . . cloud. Very obscure and messy, full of racing thoughts and wild emotions.

Now, I have this tiny clearing in the midst of the messy cloud - and it's slowly growing. It's easier to let 'the voices' (positive & negative) wash over and around me, but still a challenge!
Two days ago, I sat down to meditate & a loud, powerful, unyeilding force seemed to propel me up off my mat and into a frenzy of laundry and cleaning.
Not that it didn't need to be done - it desperately did. Just, I think I should have held firm to finishing 'me time'.

Is that the direction you were aiming for, Steve? & Thank you."


This is EXACTLY what I am aiming at. Three months of work to create a tiny clear internal space is exceptional, no matter how it "sounds." Most people won't go deep enough to really find the chaos, nor stay with their meditation long enough to find the empty spaces within it. To notice the ego's mad drive to get you up and "doing something" is another important step. So...just from this note, what can be extracted?

1) Three months of practice

2) Noting the chaos

3) Finding the quiet within it, even for a moment!

4) The "everyday" distractions from the process.

5) The ability to "hear the noise" without being controlled by it.

On DAY FORTY-SIX of the 101 Program, you'll learn an incredible technique to help you align your "internal voices" so that they become powerful allies in your journey.

Remember...all it takes to get everything you need, is everything you've got.


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