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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do You Believe In Magic?

Over on the Wealth Beyond Riches board (the project I'm developing with marketing whiz Andy Duncan. With all the unemployment, "Think And Grow Rich" suggests that you stop "looking for a job" and instead create a career. Frankly, I don't know how to teach someone to build their own business in terms of nuts and bolts. Andy has coached hundreds of people to do exactly this, so he's my choice. a student bravely stood up and declared that she intends to set herself free from a painful childhood and an unfulfilled life. Guess what happened?

"Six days ago I went on an all out quest to breakthrough all of this. I’m on a mission! I mean serious intention. Since then my computer has crashed; my backup computer went ballistic, all hell broke lose in some people encounters, etc. "

My answer:

Brilliant! Thank you for the opportunity to bring up a CRITICAL thing to remember.

Your experience is absolutely, 100% common. Your ego thinks it is you. Try to change in any meaningful way, and watch it throw EVERYTHING at you to stop you. Now this is where it gets interesting. Some have belief systems that include the possibility of "miracles." Others do not. In this case, it doesn't matter at all which is true.

If you notice that statistically improbable bad things happen when you try to change, does this mean that you are CAUSING the external problems? Or just noticing them? Doesn't matter a whit. Why?

Because if you CAN affect external circumstances through belief systems, that gives you power in the arena of prayer. Great! If you can "create" negatives, you can also "create" positives. Either both are true, or neither.

But if it's just a matter of NOTICING more negative externals (and thereby screwing up your plans) don't you get the joke? You can just as easily filter to notice the GOOD things in the world, and thereby EMPOWER yourself. This is massive, massive power that you can claim. Either you affect your external world directly (prayer, or "The Secret") or you affect your internal ability to notice only those things that are in alignment with your unconscious drives. The implication is life-changing.

How do we do this? If negative circumstances come from taking actions out of alignment with our deep negative self-image, then try proceeding from the possibility that POSITIVE circumstances come from taking actions aligned with our most positive self.

Practical magic, anyone? ("Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic--Arthur C. Clarke)

1) Re-write your top 3-10 goals daily without looking at yesterday's list.

2) break your goals into "bite size" chunks that can be accomplished one day at a time.

3) Find a role model to emulate who has accomplished similar goals.

4) Raise your energy level.

5) Journal, dream-journal, and meditate to gain clarity. Connect with the deepest, most loving part of your essence. Dive deep within, to the youngest "you" you can find who is undamaged by life, and give that "child self" all the love you have, without reservation.

6) Work to bring your dreams, values, and daily actions into alignment.

What a wonderful post.

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