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Monday, October 17, 2011

World Peace...for fun and profit!

Philosopher Steven Pinker recently

asserted that violence has been

DECREASING worldwide for hundreds

and thousands of years. Yippee! We're

winning! No matter how it seems,

we're just bonking each other over the

head less than we used to, and that is


How can you be a part of this worldwide


Well, I say that it's communication.

Knowing yourself, speaking your truth,

being the example of possibility in

the world. And with the explosion

of the internet, another possibility commerce.

Selling goods and services around

the world. Think about it: a

cell in your body exchanges

gasses and nutrients with the

surrounding cells and tissues.

So long as it does this, it is a

peaceful, healthy, productive

part of your body, as opposed

to an invader or cancerous


Let's be "healthy cells" in the body


So we've talked about how to

take your dream and transform

it into a stream of income.

The first steps:

1) Start with passion

2) Find a "starving hive"

3) Create a squeeze page with an

"Irresistable offer"

4) link an autoresponder

O.K? The next step is to

5) Create a sales page. You can

do this on a separate page linked

to your blog. It can be very very

simple, or contain some bells

and whistles, but as on the 101

PROGRAM "sales page," it lists

the benefits of your product, offers

testimonials of its value, and gives

the shopper a chance to purchase.

I would suggest an information

product in the specific narrow

niche in which you are an expert

--these are downloadable, and can

be delivered worldwide in seconds!

More tomorrow!


The single greatest factor for your

success will be you own focus,

energy, clarity, drive, and ability

to handle fear. Yep, that old

devil fear will cripple your dreams

faster than everything else combined.

The 101 PROGRAM will put

you on the road to total

self-mastery in just three months!

"(with the 101 Program) I lost twelve pounds over the

last three months..!" Peter Schult

The next evolution in personal power!



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