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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Road Rage and the Five Minute Miracle

Had a conversation with Victoria, a friend and student, earlier today. She was driving down the freeway when an utterly insane driver slashed across multiple lanes and almost caused an accident. Vic felt the flash of adrenaline signaling an anger/fear response, but because she's been using the FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE, just went into her breathing pattern, and coasted right over it! Great going, Vic.
The ability to deal with life's stress without allowing it to become strain is a CRITICAL component of excellence. Coach Sonnon's Flow State Performance Spiral says it flat out: your performance in life is largely determined by your ability to remain in flow state under stress. There are many, many techniques to help you do this, including some involving years of therapy and thousands of dollars of biofeedback. That's great. But you know what? For about six thousand years, techniques of doing this by modifying breathing have been systematized, and proven by millions of students to work just fine. The FIVE MINUTE MIRACLE takes one of the most powerful of those techniques, and teaches it to you in a form so absorbable that it literally takes only...(wait for it!) Five minutes a day. How good is it? We've sold thousands of the tapes and DVD's, and as of today, March 28th, have not had ONE SINGLE REQUEST for a refund. Now, that may change tomorrow, but understand the implications. We're not saying we have the most polished, Hollywood-ized product. In fact, it was shot in my home gym. What I AM saying is that it works. It really works. And that you can integrate it with ANY other sport, exercise, or spiritual discipline. This is a key, folks, and its dirt cheap, believe me. Do yourself a favor--if you haven't ordered a copy, do it now. If you've already got one, and agree with its value, get one for someone you love who is getting their butt whipped by stress. It's never too late to have a happy, healthy, passionate life. Never. Check it out NOW!

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