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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Al Seibert--Master of resilience

Just finished driving four hours to spend 1 1/2 hours with one of my favorite people, the brilliant and wonderful Dr. Al Seibert. I met Al while living in the Northwest, and was instantly blown away by his insight into human beings, as well as his general love of life and infectious energy (something he shares with his lovely and vivacious wife, Molly). Al is a world-class expert in resilience, the human ability to survive adversity. Currently, he lectures across the country, imparting wisdom in the corporate sphere. I'm about ready for bed right now, but wanted to put down one of the things that Al said over dinner. He mentioned a popular lecturer and author who shall remain nameless, and how this person taught a workshop that was pretty much rubber-stamped: never took into account the personalities and needs of the specific participants. What he said next struck me as one of the secrets to this 71-year-old whirlwind's boundless energy and creativity. It also made me envious of the people about to spend two days with him. "It's not enough," he said, "for the participants to say `it was a great workshop' or even `that was the best workshop I've ever attended.' When the workshop is over, I want to feel, I want to KNOW, that what happened in that room was one of the greatest, most authentic events ever to happen in history, and that it will never be duplicated."
I just flat LOVE that attitude. Al, you're one in a million, and the world is a better place for your being here.



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