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Friday, March 04, 2005

Michael Jackson part 5

So...what happened to Michael?  We have a human being turned inside-out.  As a child, he became the powerhouse earner for the entire family.  They both protected him and worked him to death.  His mother induced a paranoia of heterosexual dalliance (note the lyrics for "Billie Jean"), but his sexual energy was ferocious.  My guess is that his sexual interactions with young boys (if they occured, and I suspect they did) were less predatory than emotionally/developmentally retarded, in the nature of a Cub Scout circle-jerk.  Play.  Exploration.  A man-child who never had the slightest bit of a normal childhood, and is unable to relate emotionally to almost anyone at all.  His family, who should have protected him, was controlled by him--hell, he kept his brothers dangling for years with the promise of one more tour.  No one dared speak up.  He wanted to become Elvis ("the KING of Pop", marrying Lisa Marie) and bleached his skin, straightened his hair, fixed his nose and lips in order to try to get there.  The sad thing is that it is possible, just possible, that he could have made it anyway, despite his color.  Hell, SOMEBODY has to.  Sad, sad, sad. 
There have simply been too many accusations and payoffs, too many whispers, too much bizarre behavior, too few even quasi-normal relationships.  Jackson is WAY over the "strange" line, with far more NAMBLA points than any molestor would need to be strongly suspected.  The only reason we waited so long to condemn him is that we loved him so much.  It is incredibly sad.  My guess?  He'll be convicted, and commit (or attempt) suicide.  His life has collapsed.  He will never again be even close to what he once was, and he aimed his whole life at that goal.  It is, in every conceivable way, an American tragedy. 

At any rate, that is what I extract from the known information regarding his body, his relationships, and his career.  Your thoughts?

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