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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Back From San Francisco

Where I was researching spaces for the upcoming Mastery Workshop, June 10-12 ( Drove up Thursday, back Friday night. While I was there, I hung out with my dear friend Mushtaq and his honorable Sheik, Taner. While there I took a look at the Fort Mason center, and it looks just fine, so that's my vote. One of the things I did while there was to create a spine of the exercises, concepts, and techniques to be integrated over the two-day span. This blog is both a record of my thinking, and an opportunity for readers to decide if this is something for them.
Let's say that there are nine different basic components at this point. They will each be taught twice, I think--all covered on the first day,deepened on the second. Lots of reinforcement.
1) The Hero's Journey. The basic template of human life as reported by storytellers the world over, from the beginning of time.
2) Performance Breathing. The cornerstone of much of Scott Sonnon's work. Breath, Movement, and structure create each other in an interdependant web. Can be used for health, stress management, or athleticism.
3) The Five Minute Miracle. Use to imprint the new pattern onto your nervous system. By practicing Performance Breathing five times a day, you start moving into the "Perpetual Exercise" zone, where you have re-wired your relationship with the physical universe
4) The Chakras, and meditation. Being able to understand, visualize and feel the different aspects of our energetic existence. Viewed purely as a mental construct, a profound insight into the evolutionary nature of human existence, based on six-thousand year old wisdom.
5) Motions of Mastery. I've tasked Scott with selecting or devising, from his vast and brilliant array of techniques and understandings, a simple daily practise that is:
a) a superset of the benifits of the Five Tibetans
b) available to anyone who can walk and sit.
c) takes only 5 minutes or less at base levels.
d) contains many of the benifits of Warrior Wellness.
e) Is progressive--that is, a more advanced or athletic expression is available as a direct progression.
f) Can be used for theFive Minute Miracle
g) Can be pushed longer and harder during the Golden Hour, and adjusted to produce serious, no-b.s. fitness.
h) can be used by a relative beginner for the Fear Removal exercise.
Scott says that he has just the thing. He hasn't sent me the video clips yet--I can hardly wait. Coach Sonnon has never disappointed me. Never. I think that the Motions of Mastery are going to rock.
6) Flow State Performance Spiral. A clear and rational explanation of the evolutionary potential of sophisticated movement arts: Tai Chi, Yoga, whatever. Once you grasp this, and truly understand it, your practise will never be the same.
7) The Golden Hour. A goal of planning one optimal hour a day of input, exercise, meditation. Designing it so that you are getting optimal benifits. If it takes you five years to carve out that 60 minutes, its worth it.
8) Fear Removal. The theory and practise of managing anxiety through a combination of visualization and physical motion. Unbelievably powerful. My mind is literally blown by its potential.
9) Control-Pause Goal setting. Imprinting balanced goals on the subconscious. The culmination of all the other steps.
These are the nine pieces. The task now is to create a structure in which to experience and share them. Wow. Lots of work in the next weeks. I can't wait.


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