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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Healing the Wounded Heart(4th Chakra!)

In getting up to the heart chakra we've come to the half-way point, and have laid down a foundation that we can work for a while. If you have the first four chakras anchored, and understand the stresses of the Hero's Journey, you can write like a fiend, and also control your own life to a fascinating degree. Not that challenges don't still lash you (I've got some terrific challenges right now as I re-organize my writing life to work in Hollywood!) but you understand that it's nothing personal, and understand the path of growth.
The Heartbeat Meditation (sitting quietly, listening to your heartbeat for 15-20 minutes) is central to the Lifewriting technique because you NEED a way to move the emotional gunk out of your mind. It settles in your body--which is one of the reasons that so many badly wounded people have a difficult time with body image--it's their emotional garbage dump. Survival wounds (poverty in childhood), sexual wounds (rape, abuse, betrayal), power wounds (race, gender, fear) all tear our hearts to pieces, leave us bleeding and unable to understand why life is so gray. You have to grasp that your emotions are legitimate, but also that no one else is responsible for them. Not if you're an adult! Your wounds are likely the result of choices you made, and the inability to deal with this honestly is one of the most devastating problems--its warps the reality map.
Instead of saying "I did this" and taking response-ability (note the meaning: the ability to respond!) we blame others, hold them response-able, and cripple ourselves. We beat ourselves up, thinking that we are punishing the husband,the wife, the lover. What sadness.All of the joy drains from our lives, because we aren't willing to start where we are, with the resources we have, and begin moving forward.
This must cease, if we are to have happy, meaningful lives. Start today:
1) Write yourself a letter, addressed to the younger you, the child you. Promise to take responsibility for your own emotions. Write it as if a letter to your own child. It must be strong,and loving and honest.
2) Commit to forgiving those who have wronged you. This doesn't mean letting them hurt you again. It means not carrying that pain around with you. COMMITING DOESN'T MEAN AN INSTANT CHANGE. It means beginning the process.
3) Begin a daily meditation and/or journaling practise. This is vital as the emotional sewage begins to surface.
4) Move your body daily. Find a physical practise, even if it's just a good, healthy walk. Work up a sweat 4-6 times a week.
5) Find healthy ways to love yourself. Pamper yourself, get hugs,read good books, go to the, sing, pray, write, love life!
We're going to go over more of this.I'm going to tell stories on myself, and censored stories of people I've known over the years. You must heal your heart and body and sexuality if you would move powerfully toward the future. Otherwise, you are losingsome of the most powerful energies in the human system.



Unknown said...

I found your blog after I searched on google about 4th chakra healing. You gave me a lot of great ideas about healing. Thank you. Can you please, recommend some more techniques for me? I have this sharp chest pain that started a year ago and comes and goes. It started after I broke up with someone I loved, but who didn't take me seriously. How can I heal my heart now? It seems that my heart has a life on its own! And I have done so much internal work - writing, meditations, chakra cleansing, therapy, exercise. I see some progress in my maturing, but I can't figure out what it hurts so much?

Anonymous said...

I too was googling 4th chakra healing. I appreciate the ideas you give hear. Thank you. said...

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Ramonkehe said...

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