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Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Ring2 (2005)

Well, it had to happen. This sequel to 2003's effective Americanization of the Japanese original is intermittantly scary, but definitely studio work. They're trying to make it into "The Omen," where a cast of characters gets killed off in various creative ways over the course of 90 minutes. In other words, the art is gone, commerse has arrived. That doesn't mean it's a waste--I enjoyed aspects of it, and thought the basic idea--a killer videotape--was still effective. But something about it just seemed a little too by-the-numbers (including one of the most blatant "Leaps of Faith" I've ever seen. Someone should tell these people not to be so literal!) to be able to absorb its story of a woman struggling to save the life of her son. An entertaining waste of time, one that you'll forget by the time you reach the parking lot. Call it a "C"

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