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Monday, March 28, 2005

Mastery Workshop Change

Arrgh. I hate to type this, but we're having to postpone the Mastery Technique workshop, probably until December. This is a decision (and, sigh, probably a responsible one!) by RMAX productions, which is committed to providing the highest possible experience to their clientel. The June date was just too soon to have all the logistics and enrollments in place. Scott felt that, in all good conscience, it was best to move it. I probably would have said "let's go for it!" but the truth is, Scott's attitude is more logical. Ah, well. We'll have the new date nailed down within a couple of days. Those of you who signed up for the June workshop will have your money refunded, and be able to attend the new workshop for 1/2 price (what a deal!)

More soon, and sorry, guys...


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