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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Five Minute Miracle DVD!!

The Five Minute Miracle DVD, available now, is an incredible stress-buster! If you don't let life's stress cripple you, stress is the evolutionary catalyst that triggers change, growth, energy! The 5MM can be performed by anyone, at any time (even right in the middle of a stressful meeting!) but can also be integrated into intense exercise for more powerful effect.
The DVD contains:
1) The incredible "Be Breathed" technique
2) The Five Tibetans
3) The Hero's Journey
4) The Chakras
5) The I.D.E.A. technique for developing intuition

And much more! Included is also an exclusive lecture on the "Lifewriting" interpretation of the Hero's Journey, making this a perfect gift for writers, movie lovers, readers, actors, or couch potatoes.
Hey! Here's a great "Non-Drinking" game: while watching television, every time you see a distinct step of the Hero's Journey in a movie, perform one rep of Be Breathed and visualize your Goal Triangle. This is the first self-improvement technique you can use while sitting on your can watching reruns! It doesn't get much better than that.
More seriously, this DVD is the cornerstone of the Mastery Technique, a stripped-down, turbo-charged method of organizing your body, mind, and spirit to accomplish your dreams. It integrates wth any sport, martial art, religion, and most philosophies--we aim to be uniters, not dividers (oops! Where have I heard that?) At any rate, check it out, and also the new MASTERY WORKSHOP--WWW.RMAX.TV/MASTERY.HTML

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