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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Final Lessons--O.J. and Michael Jackson

There are articles everywhere about the legion of Michael Jackson supporters, who cannot or will not believe that their hero is guilty of abusing a series of boys.  Fair enough--he may well be innocent.  And there are some who believe O.J. to be innocent.  What might have happened if one applied the mind Reading technique to each of them?  The Juice is trickier--we had reports of spousal abuse, and his career was bottoming out (remember "Naked Gun"?) but that doesn't automatically mean murder.  While predicting his downfall might have been difficult, in his behaviors since that time--when reported publicly, there seems every indication of the smiling monster he would have to have been to kill Nicole and Ron.
Michael is clearer.  Indeed, how could anyone not have seen how abnormal this man was?  There is an element of our physical carriage that is nothing more than sexual lure.  What was he attempting to attract?  The entire "Neverland Ranch" routine certainly suggests nothing about interest in adult females.  Adult males, perhaps?  There were certainly rumors, but who knows.  What can be seen is that this is a human being turned inside-out, his child and adult personas reversed, probably from the time his parents pimped him out to support the family.  It's all so sick, and sad.  And predictable.  When will people grasp that the way we carry ourselves in the world says a HUGE amount about who and what we are?  Was anyone surprised when Paul Rubins was found masturbating in an adult movie theater?  Jeeze!  Does anyone believe that Kirsty Ally is "a jolly fat woman" happy with her life?  Do you KNOW how much energy it takes to carry around that much armor?  NO ONE would do that unless they felt desperately afraid, unhappy or alone.  DESPERATELY.  When you see people who have diverged hugely from the norm, ASSUME that there is something wrong.  Give them a chance to prove you mistaken, perhaps, but ladies, if the guy is fifty and never married--THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG.  If his relationship history is non-existent or abusive--RUN.  If they have an endless string of failed businesses, THERE IS A REASON.  If they chain-smoke and drink a six-pack a day, THERE IS A PROBLEM.   If they have a distorted body image--IT MIRRORS THEIR INTERNAL MAP OF REALITY.
Assume these things, however unpopular or politically incorrect it may be.  And you will save yourself a huge amount of pain.  If only we hadn't loved him so much, we might have saved him.  Or someone might have.  It is probably far too late now--Michael's life is about to implode, no matter what happens.  But we must stop worshipping our celebrities to the exclusion of common sense.  We must stop listening to the comforting lies and explanations of our families, friends, and co-workers.  The only reason we are surprised by their behaviors is that we aren't honest about our own. 
Wake up, people.  It's not too late.  For us.

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