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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Aftermath of Century and Yoga

the "Century" is Scott Sonnon's term for a 100-rep Death march--the performance of 100 repetitions of a motion with the Clubbells.  I'm using the Bruiser (45 lbs) in a figure-eight motion called a "Gama Cast" and the method of approach is called  a "Density Cycle" where you double the number of the target (200) and then complete them all within 40 minutes, in sets of five, starting each set at the top of the minute.  When that can be done cleanly, move to sets of six, then seven, etc.
Well, as I said,t he problem before was that my body wasn't recovering well from the work load (this is a 1-2 X a week maximum load) and I decided to see if I could approach it again, using the Bikram Yoga as recovery work.  Monday was the Density cycle. Tuesday was the Yoga.  This morning I could hardly get out of bed.  I had to, to get Jason to the sitter, but then came home and slept for another three hours.  Yow!  but I feel pretty good, and the truth is that I stayed up too late last night (past midnight), so I don't know how that factored in.  I won't try the next "step" until next week.  We'll see...

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