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Monday, January 31, 2005

No Subject

Okay, here's one. Using "Moulin Rouge," one of my fave movies.

SITUATION: When a dance hall tries to convert into a legitimate theater in turn of the century Paris,
CHARACTER: Christian, a poet and provencial boy,
OBJECTIVE: gets hired to write the play the troupe will perform. But he doesn't understand that
OPPONENT: the Duke is in love with Satin, the dance hall star who is also Christian's first love. Christian and Satin's illicit affair
DISASTER: will enrage the Duke, who can get away with murdering Christian and destroying the entire company rather than see Satin in the hands of another man.

That appears to almost work..
Pam |
Email | 01.31.05 - 2:50 am | #
Seems to work pretty well.  It allows you to grasp challenge, opposition, setting--all of the stuff you need to begin your writing process.  I would suggest changing the names and writing a VERY short story about people in an analogous situation...perhaps from the Duke's point of view?  if re-writing other people's work was good enough for Shakespeare, it's good enough for us.


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