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Monday, January 24, 2005

Flow State Performance Spiral

Scott Sonnon's Flow State Performance Spiral is a critical piece of the puzzle, that puzzle being: how can we address life in such a way as to grow and evolve as beings?  The Spiral states that stress "dis-integrates" the Triumverate of Breathing, Movement, and Structure.  When it comes apart, we spiral into the "Vortex" (Scott's term).  When we are continuously re-integrating the three, we move into the "Zone," the flow state nirvana of higher performance.  If you have ANY physical discipline that teaches posture, relaxation, and belly breathing, you can use it to take advantage of this spiral.  Five times a day (9,12,3,6,9) stop and check to see if you are breathing properly, if your posture is good, and if you are relaxed.  Need help remembering?  Get a digital watch with a countdown timer, and set it for 3-hour intervals.
ADVERTISEMENT: if you DON'T have such a discipline (yoga, Tai chi, etc.), the five Minute Miracle tape is for you.  Get it.  End of ad.
If you will do this, you are creating a stimulus-response loop between stress and excellence.  Remember: Hans Selye, the guy who "invented" stress, said that stress isn't the problem!  It's STRAIN that's the problem.  From an engineering standpoint, stress is pressure per unit area.  Strain, on the other hand, is deformation per unit length.  It is being warped and twisted by the challenges of life.  Stay balanced and focused, on the other hand, and "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger." 
Amen. This is a practical, workable plan to make it happen.  This works like gangbusters if y ou have an office job, and even better if you can integrate more strenuous motion into the mix.  But whereever you are starting, it is a genuine, no-b.s. doorway to higher mental and emotional performance.


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