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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Inauguration Day

So, today Mr. Bush takes the oath for his second term.  I am saddened by my friends on the Left who have voiced their hopes that he falls on his face.  Of course, eight years ago I was saddened by my friends on the Right who said the same thing about Mr. Clinton.  It is one thing to want your guy to win in '08.  But like him or not, THIS IS OUR PRESIDENT.  He is the chief executive.  If he does a bad job, people will die.  Lose jobs.  Education will suffer.  The saner approach for  a Dem would be to pray that he is enlightened, that he performs at every moment at the top of his game, that he becomes a genuinely great man and a great president, as he doubtless wishes to be.  Then...hope that whatever Republican  runs after him in '08 loses.
But wouldn't an even better approach be to hope that the best candidate wins?  Regardless of political affiliation?  You can cling to one polarity or another, but for goodness sake remember: YOU MIGHT BE WRONG.  That's right.  You can do all your sums, surround yourself with experts, read every pundit, think on the matter for years...AND STILL BE WRONG. So our prayers should be that whatever is BEST for America, and the world, should be what happens next, regardless of whether it matches the way you voted, or the way you feel about the world.
When you feel most dogmatic, most certain, most convinced that the answer is glaringly obvious, remember what Dennis Miller used to say before 9/11 broke his back and gave him a permanent lean to the Right:  "Of course, that's just my opinion.  I could be wrong."
God bless Mr. Bush.  And make him our best President ever.  Hoping for anything less at a time like this is suicide.

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