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Saturday, January 29, 2005

More on Triangle goal setting

I know, I know.  "Diamond" goals, "Triangle" goals...I'm still working with terminology, folks.  this is new to me, too.
Think about the different aspects of life that can be contained within a triangle:
1) Body, Mind, Spirit
2) Breath, movement, alignment
3) Plot, Character, Theme
4) Base, Angle, Leverage (silat)
5) Affirming, Denying, Reconciling (Sufism)
There are many more.   One way to make maximum use of this technique is to take advantage of the tripartite nature of the system.  Have your three goals, your three role models. LEARN THE "BE BREATHED" TECHNIQUE as taught in the Five Minute Miracle.  Then five times a day when you perform your breaths, pause on the exhalation (the "control pause"), leaving your lungs empty for a moment.  During this empty phase, visualize your triangle.  Hold it.  Then release and go to  your next rep.
More advanced: On the "control pause", visualize the triangle.  Now, in turn, visualize each of your role models.  Release and go to the next rep.
Even More advanced.  "Cross Hatch" your goals so that you see how each of them benifits all arenas.  Now perform "Be Breathed."   On the "Control Pause", visualize  your triangle.  Now center it in your "Belly Brain".  Visualize your role models.  In rotation, see how mastering each of their skills benifits your physical health.  Release.  Repeat for Heart Center and Head Center.
Most Advanced.  Do the above exercise once for each Chakra.  That's seven breaths.  Seven "Be Breathed" exercises.  Takes about two minutes.  Do that five times a day and you will be SHOCKED at the amount you accomplish, how much energy you will have, and how positive your mood will be.  But remember to work through the progressions as stated above.  It may take months or years, but it will be worth it.

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