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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hit the Deck! Part Dieu

Nicki and I did the Card Game again on Saturday, this time for 20 minutes.  I like it more and more.  The built-in randomization means it's IMPOSSIBLE to know what's coming next, and keeps the body guessing.  We used four exercises:
Black card--Hindu Pushups
Red Cards--Hindu Squats
Red Face Cards--Be Breathed
Black Face Cards--Roller Wheel.
When I do it by myself, I use Clubbells instead of Hindu Squats, but for right now, the freehand stuff is great.
There's a perspective shift I want you to begin to incorporate.  What if exercise isn't primarily about your body?  You're not just working your body like a hamster in a cage.  You are using your body to communicate with your mind.  You do a chin-up.  That's not to "exercise" your bicep, but rather to say to your mind: "we need to be able to do this motion."  Now, obviously, the more focus you have while doing this, the sharper the mental message.  The more emotional intensity, the more you are saying: "if we can't do this motion, we may die!"
Seen from that perspective, the more focus, the fewer reps and sets are needed.  Reps and sets can lead to mindless practise.  Remember, we are using the body to support mind and spirit.  We must therefore learn to bring mind and spirit into our exercise.  It CANNOT be just about the muscles.  Every moment must be alive and aware...or it's just sweaty tussling, not a doorway to body-mind unity that can set our lives on a higher path.

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