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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Chakra #6: Intellect

"Anja," the crown chakra, is the seat of intellect, discernment of the physical realities of the universe. Logic. Memory. Curiously enough, meditating on this chakra also seems to increase the flow of money. Go figure. At any rate, as you develop a meditation practise, it is useful to train your subconscious so that confusion, fatigue, lack of clarity etc. are visible as "cloudiness" in this chakra. In that way, for instance, you could begin your morning meditation with your heartbeat, move it down to your base chakra, raise light up to the crown. If the entire channel seems clear and full of light (sushumna), you're off to a good start. This "complex equivilent" is vital, because the factors leading to success can be quite complicated. At the very least, you need clear goals and the values, beliefs and emotional states congruent with them. Trying to juggle all of this consciously is a bear-cat. But as you combine complicated factors into simpler symbols, it becomes possible to manipulate them successfully. A for-instance: go into heartbeat meditation. Now visualize your "Diamond" with each side representing one of your three role models, each role model chosen for power in one of your three goals. Just spend twenty or thirty minutes bringing this into being. Now, during your 5MM breaks, as you do your Be Breathed motions, visualize your diamond. Bring it up to the crown chakra for sixty seconds. Yummy.
What is your character's level of intellectual clarity? What forms of logic is she most comfortable with? Inductive? Deductive? Synthetic? You should know these things, so that every character is unique.
Get to work!

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